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Web Designer Program Overview

Our web designer associate program was designed for those web designers who may or may not need to get a new hosting account at this time for their own sites, but who are looking forward to hosting multiple of their or their client sites and making some extra money by referring their clients to our site. If you would simply like to refer other clients, then you might want to consider joining our referrer program instead. Also, please note that the web designer program does not allow us to be anonymous to your clients. If you would like us to be anonymous to your clients, then we suggest that you consider our reseller program where you agree to serve and bill your clients directly and we do not contact your clients.


Web Designer Benefits

  • There is no charge, application fee, or purchase requirement to join our web-designer program.
  • We offer a wide selection of features, services and accounts at the best prices in the industry. As a web designer, you will find our services and pricing highly competitive in the market and a perfect fit for your clients' needs.
  • You qualify for web-designer commissions for each of your clients who buys a qualified account from us. You do not need to meet any monthly or yearly quota to qualify for web-designer discounts.
  • We provide you with our banners, buttons and links. You can simply use them in your website to promote our services.


Web Designer Commission Schedule

Web Designer Commission Schedule* for
Referrals of New Hosting and Virtual Server Accounts

Number of New Referrals

One-time Commission
1st Account Not Applicable
2nd-10th Accounts $5.00 per Account

10th-25th Accounts

$6.00 per Account

26th-50th Accounts

$7.00 per Account

51st and More Accounts

$8.00 per Account

Minimum Payout: Commissions are paid when your account has a balance of $15.00 or more. Any balance less than this minimum is carried over to the following month. If your balance reaches $15.00 or more in any month, then commission check is mailed to you during the first week of the following month.


Web Designer Program Policies

  • Compliance with GlobalFront Policies: Agreement and willingness to comply with GlobalFront policies is a requirement for participation in all of our associate programs. In particular, spamming (unsolicited bulk messaging in the internet) by email, spamming the newsgroups, or mis-representation of GlobalFront services or its policies would cause immediate cancellation of your associate ID and you will loose any remaining balance that you have in your account at the time of the cancellation.
  • Eligibility for Participation: We reserve the right to reject any site, which we determine (in our sole discretion) to be unsuitable for our associate program. Ineligible sites include those that:
    • promote discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, or age
    • promote sexually explicit or pornographic materials
    • promote violence
    • promote illegal activities
    • include "globalfront" or any variations or misspellings thereof in their domain names
    • distribute pirated software and hacker and warez contents
    • violate our or third-party intellectual property rights

    If we approve your site and later your site is determined (in our sole discretion) to be unsuitable for our programs, we may terminate your participation in our program.

  • Signing Up and Relationship between Parties: You can join GlobalFront web designer associate program by using our online web designer associate sign-up form. Once we receive, review and approve your application, we will email you an associate ID and a password within 24-48 hours.You agree that this application or its approval does not make you an employee, agent, partner or legal representative of GlobalFront, and that your role will be that of an independent contractor. You understand that you will be setting your own hours to develop your business, and that GlobalFront will not provide you with any employee-type benefits. If you are filing the application on behalf of an organization or business, then you certify that you have the authorization to represent the organization or the business named in your application, and that the organization or business will comply with all GlobalFront policies and GlobalFront associate program policies.
  • Commissions: Once you get an associate ID from us, either your clients or you can use your ID while ordering a qualified account from us. We will use your ID to track your sales, and will credit your account with your commission for all your qualified sales, at the beginning of the second month of your client's signing up with us, according to our web designer commission schedule, provided we have received payment from your client's behalf for the second or subsequent months of hosting fees.
  • Rendering of Services: We will treat your clients as our own clients, provide our services and bill them at our regular prices that we post in our website. Your clients will qualify to receive any special pricing and features that we offer to our direct clients time to time. We will answer technical support questions from both you and your clients. However, to avoid answering twice the same support question that you and your clients might have regarding your clients' accounts, we may send copies of our answers to your questions to your clients, if we feel it necessary.
  • Taxes: If you are a US resident, you would need to provide your Tax ID if we ask for it. We reserve the right to withhold payments unless we receive your Tax ID.  Also, if total commission paid to you during any calendar year approaches $600.00 or more, IRS form 1099-MISC may be issued to you by GlobalFront showing the commissions paid to you during that calendar year. It will be your responsibility to account for any commissions that you receive from GlobalFront on your US tax returns. If you live in a foreign country, then you are exempt from this requirement for providing your Tax ID, but you agree to pay any taxes due to your local, state or federal government on earnings made from web designer commission paid to you by GlobalFront.
  • Tracking Your Sales: We use two methods to track your sales: (a) referrer ID field in our order form; and (b) link, banner or button in your site embedded with your associate ID. Our order forms for qualified accounts have a referrer ID field for entering associate ID in the order form. If you or your clients enter your associate ID while placing an order, we can track the sales as your sale. Also, even if your clients do not enter your ID in our order form, but they use a link, banner or button on your site with your ID embedded in the link, banner or button, and place the order during the same session when they clicked the link on your site, we will be able to track the sales as yours. However, this second method of tracking is based on IP address of the visitor. Since many ISPs dynamically reassign IP addresses for their clients' specific internet sessions, this method of tracking may not always work accurately if your client orders during a later session by directly visiting our site and does not include your web designer ID while placing the order in our website. We guarantee to credit you for the sale, if we can track the sale based on either your ID or your link, banner or button. If your client does not enter your ID in the order form AND does not order our service during the same session when your client clicked your link, we will be unable to track the sale as your sale unless your client has a fixed IP address from his/her ISP or your client explicitly mentions your name on the order form or while your client contacts us.
  • Modification and Cancellation: GlobalFront reserves the right to modify or cancel its web designer associate program or the commission schedule anytime. If we modify the program, the modified rules will be posted in our website. If we cancel the program, we will pay you any remaining balance that you have in your account, provided your account is in good standing with us. You can cancel your participation in our web designer associate program by emailing your intention to anytime. For your security, we require that you include your web designer ID and password in your cancellation email before we can accept your cancellation request. You agree not to promote, represent or mis-represent GlobalFront, its services or policies anytime to any parties, if either we or you cancel your participation in our associate programs due to any reason at any time.


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