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Reseller Program Overview

Our reseller associate program was designed for those who are looking for a business opportunity involving reselling our services with their private company or brand names. You can buy our services at discounted prices, add any additional service (like web design, programming, site marketing, etc.) to our virtual server and virtual hosting packages, and resell our packages to your clients. You can set your own prices and generate substantial profit for yourself or your company. We do not contact your clients. However, this requires you to serve and bill your clients directly, even though we support you whenever you have a question regarding your or your clients' accounts. If you would rather like us to bill your clients then please check out our referrer and web designer associate programs.


Reseller Benefits

  • Unlike many other companies' reseller programs, there is no charge or application fee to join our reseller program. You qualify to join our reseller program when you buy any of our Value, Econo, or  EBusiness accounts from us. Unlike other web hosting companies, we do not force you to buy an expensive account to join our reseller program. Our value accounts cost as low as about $5.00 per month, which means you have a very low start-up cost.
  • You set your own prices and directly bill your clients for all resold accounts.You provide technical supports to your clients while we support you. We only bill you for all of your and your client accounts. We do not contact your clients.
  • We offer a wide selection of features, services and accounts at the best prices in the industry. Many of our resellers are marking up our services by 200 percent or more, and still remaining competitive in the market and making substantial profits.
  • Unlike other reseller programs, in our reseller plan you qualify for reseller discounts as soon as you buy your second account from us. You do not need to meet any monthly or yearly quota to qualify for reseller discounts.
  • You can use our anonymous nameservers that we provide for your and all of your clients' domains for free. If you would need your own nameserver aliases ( and, then we also offer that for just $10.00/month fee.
  • You get access to password-protected online manuals and control panels for your and all of your client accounts.
  • You get access to our password-protected reseller resources site and reseller order forms to order our services at reseller prices. The reseller order forms allow you to authorize charges for all accounts and services to the same credit card that you have in our file, without requiring you to re-enter the same information for every new account that you purchase.
  • You can track all of your account fees online with a consolidated activity report. Also, you get an email invoice every month showing all charges made to your account in the previous month.


Reseller Prices and Discounts

  • Domain and Email Forwarding Services: You can redirect your client domains to a subdirectory in your site for only $14.95 per year fee. For feature details, please visit our domain services page.
  • Value Virtual Hosting Accounts: You can buy and resell any of our Value virtual hosting accounts for the following great prices. These are fully virtually hosted domain accounts with their own FTP, POP, FrontPage extensions and many other popular features. For feature details, please visit our Value virtual hosting page.
Reseller Pricing for Value Virtual Hosting Accounts
Virtual Hosting
Disk Space Monthly
Hosting Fee
Setup Fee
Value C 70 MB $5.00/month Free
Value B 90 MB $6.00/month Free
Value A 120 MB $7.50/month Free
  • Econo Virtual Hosting Accounts: You can buy our Econo 250 MB virtual hosting accounts for only $9.95 per month. For feature details, please visit our Economy server page.
  • EBusiness Virtual Server Accounts: You can buy and get upto 20 percent discount on monthly fees for each of those virtual server accounts. For feature details, please visit our EBusiness virtual server pages.

Reseller Discount on Monthly Fees for
EBusiness Virtual Server Accounts

Number of Accounts Purchased

Discount on Monthly Fee
1-3 Account 0 percent

4-10 Accounts

10 percent

11-25 Accounts

15 percent

25+ Accounts

20 percent
Discount Calculation: All reseller orders must be placed using the password-protected reseller order forms in our website. We will charge your account at our discounted rate depending on the number of qualified accounts purchased by you for yourself and for your clients using your unique Reseller ID.


Reseller Associate Program Policies

  • Compliance with GlobalFront Policies: Agreement and willingness to comply with GlobalFront policies is a requirement for participation in all of our associate programs. In particular, spamming (unsolicited bulk messaging in the internet) by email, spamming the newsgroups, or mis-representation of GlobalFront services or its policies would cause immediate cancellation of your associate ID and you will loose any remaining balance that you have in your account at the time of the cancellation.
  • Eligibility for Participation: You must have purchased a Value hosting account, Econo hosting account, or EBusiness virtual server account at the regular price from GlobalFront to participate in GlobalFront's reseller program. Also, we must receive the total payment for your and all of your resold accounts on time for you to be able to continue as a reseller of GlobalFront.
  • Signing Up: Once you sign-up for a qualified virtual server account from us for your own site, you can join GlobalFront reseller associate program by using our online reseller associate sign-up form. Once we receive, review and approve your application, we will email you an associate ID and a password within 24 hours.You will also receive access to password-protected reseller order forms in our website.
  • Relationship between Parties: You agree that the reseller application or its approval does not make you an employee, agent, partner or legal representative of GlobalFront, and that your role will be that of an independent contractor. You understand that you will be setting your own hours to develop your business, and that GlobalFront will not provide you with any employee-type benefits. Also, you agree to indemnify GlobalFront, its owners, officers, employees or agents, from any disputes arising out of your reselling our services to your clients.
  • Representation of Your Business: If you are joining GlobalFront associate program on behalf of an organization or business, then you certify that you have the authorization to represent the organization or the business named in your application, and that the organization or business will comply with all GlobalFront policies and GlobalFront associate program policies.
  • Reseller Pricing and Payments: Once you have signed up as a reseller, for every subsequent orders, you need to use our password-protected reseller order forms and use your Reseller ID in the Associate ID field in the reseller order forms. The reseller order forms have reseller pricing for our services. We will automatically adjust your costs so that it reflects our reseller discounts for all qualified virtual server accounts purchased by you with your reseller ID. As a reseller, you can sell our virtual server and virtual hosting accounts to your clients at any price you think fair for your services, and bill them at your own schedule. We will bill you monthly for all virtual server and virtual hosting accounts and yearly for any domain forwarding services that you buy from us.
  • Rendering of Services: We will provide you any service that you purchase at our site. You will act as the primary service provider for your clients, offer them technical supports, and bill them for your services at your own schedule. We will answer your technical questions regarding all of your and your client accounts. We will direct to you all of our invoices, mail, and email regarding any of your resold accounts. You will have access to support manuals and logins for your and your client accounts. We will never actively contact your clients. Given our reliance on the goodwill of our resellers, we make every effort to promote your success and offer you as much anonymity at possible on our part.
  • Modification and Cancellation: GlobalFront reserves the right to modify or cancel its reseller associate program or the reseller discount schedule anytime. If we modify the program, the modified rules will be posted in our website. If we cancel the program, we will give you at least 30 days of advance notice, so that you or your clients have enough time to move your site. You can cancel your participation in our reseller associate program by emailing your intention to anytime. For your security, we require that you include your reseller ID and password in your cancellation email before we can accept your cancellation request. You agree that you will move all of your and your client domains and sites from our servers, if you cancel your participation in our reseller program. Otherwise, we will have to contact any of your clients whose domains or websites are still hosted in our servers. You agree not to promote, represent or mis-represent GlobalFront, its services or policies anytime to any parties, if either we or you cancel your participation in our associate programs due to any reason at any time.

If you have any questions about our reseller associate program, then please feel free to contact us. Please use our online reseller associate sign-up form to join our  reseller associate program. We look forward to working with you! Thanks.

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