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Try DNS and Forwarding for Free

There are two ways you can try Global Domain Control Panel:

Free Trial with Demo Login

With our demo login option, you can log into Global Domain Control Panel with one of our domains to find out how easy it is to manage a domain using our control panel. To try the demo, please visit Global Domain Control Panel, and use the following domain, username and password:

Domain: globaldcp.com
Username: dcpdemo
Password: pass1234

After you log in using the demo account, please feel free to try out the options in the control panel. If you have a website somewhere else in the internet, you can use the "Manage URL/Tag" button to forward the domain globaldcp.com to your site instantly, and preview your site to see how it would look with your own domain name!

Limitations of the Demo Login: Please note that the demo account has the following limitations: (a) Our back-end programs will ignore email forwarding and DNS changes that you make with the demo login. (b) Password update option in the demo login has been disabled. (c) The option for posting domain for sale has been disabled in the demo account. (d) Occasionally you may get logged out from the demo account when several users are trying to use the demo account to manage the same domain all at the same time. With the real login, you would never get logged out unless you log out yourself, or unless your session expires due to inactivity. (e) Configurations for globaldcp.com is reset to the default settings by our back-end processing system multiple times in a day automatically.

Free Trial with Real Login

If you already own a domain name, then you can sign-up for FREE 14-day trial of our ED1 domain forwarding services with no future obligations. Your domain will be configured in GlobalFront's DNS servers and you will get access to real login to Global Domain Control Panel so that you can try out all features of our DNS and forwarding/pointing services during the free trial. Please go over the following steps for more information on requirements and to sign-up for the free trial.

Requirements and Sign-Up Steps

  • The free trial offer is limited to only one domain per client or one domain per company.
  • You must already own a domain name before you can use the free trial with your own domain.
  • To setup your domain for the free trial method, we would need to validate that you are the Registrant or Administrative contact for the domain, OR you are at least an authorized user of the domain.  Please use one of the following 4 methods to authenticate your request for DNS and forwarding service for the domain you would like to use for the Free Trial service:

Authority to Request Services for the Domain

Please use one of the following methods to confirm that you are the owner of the domain or that you are an authorized administrator of the domain or the website for the domain to request DNS service for the domain in our website.  You would need to implement only 1 of the 4 procedures identified below, unless you are notified by us to implement additional authentication method to establish your identify and authority over the domain, which may be needed for sensitive domains based on our good-faith consideration for protection of the interest of the domain owners.
Authentication Method Implementation Procedure
Name Server Method Add the following nameservers in the registry's whois record for the domain. 

ns.global-front.net (
ns2.global-front.net (

(Note: Most registration service provider won't need the IP addresses, but some providers may require them).

This method is more appropriate if currently the domain is not using any critical service, or the current services are down for the domain. Please be advised that updating DNS name servers in registry database would temporarily cause service outage for your domain, until after the services is setup on our servers. If this is not appropriate for the domain, then please use one of the other methods.

Whois Contact Method Ensure that you are signing up with the Registrant or Admin Contact email address for the domain, and that the domain is NOT using "whois privacy or proxy" service in your current registrar's whois system.   If your domain is using "whois privacy or proxy" service and you prefer not to disable whois privacy/proxy service, then you would need to use one of the other methods described in this table.
DNS Record Method Add a TXT record in DNS for the domain on the existing authoritative name server(s) for the domain.  The TXT record must contain the following string:


This method is appropriate if you currently have DNS service for the domain from some other provider, and you prefer not to disrupt any existing services for the domain.

File Upload Method Create an HTML file named gdcpauth.html and upload it to the root directory of the existing website for your domain.  The file must contain the string "GDCPAUTH=GWS20140101" in it. Also, the file must be accessible from the current website for the domain using http method. If you currently do not have a website for the domain or you do not have access to the website for the domain, then please use one of the other procedures described above.
  • After you have implemented one of the above procedures to demonstrate that you are the Registrant or Admin contact for the domain or that you are an authorized administrator of the domain's website, please use our Free Trial Sign-up Form. Once we can validate your request with the authentication method you identify in the sign-up form, we will setup your domain in our server and send you login information within 0 to 6 hours (8 AM to 11 PM, Central Standard Time, USA).
  • Following update of nameservers for your domain by your registrar, propagation will start. Generally, within about 24-48 hours, your domain will start to use our DNS servers. After that, all future changes in URL and email forwarding settings made with Global Domain Control Panel will be automatically updated by our servers in real time. Changes in URL forwarding will be effective in a matter of seconds, and email forwarding updates will be effective in less than 5 minutes. Web/IP pointing, MX pointing and FTP pointing updates are saved in our servers instantly and reflected in our DNS servers within 15 minutes.
  • The free trial is limited to 14 days of ED1 service. After you are satisfied with our services, you can make a payment for $14.95/Year fee within 14 days following the free trial sign-up date to keep your account with all the features. If for any reason you do not believe this to be the BEST service of its class you ever had, simply do not pay anything, and your domain service will be automatically cancelled on the 15th day following your signing up for the free trial. You won't owe us anything for the free trial period.

If you still have any questions, then please visit our frequently asked questions page, or contact us at sales@globalfront.com.

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