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Order a New Domain

For all new domains that you register through us, you will be the owner of the domain name. Ordering a new domain through us is easy. Simply take the following steps to register a new domain through us:

Step 1: Using our Domain Name Lookup utility, check if the domain you would like to register is available for registration.

Step 2: If your preferred domain name is available, then please fill out our domain services order form. You can select from our ND1 service, ND2 service, or ND3 service for any new domain name.

Step 3: Once you click the submit button of the order form, you will be directed to payment options page. You can either pay online, or you can send payment by mail or fax.

Step 4: Orders paid online with credit cards are processed within 0 to 8 hours. Orders paid by checks are processed after the check is cleared. Once we process your order, we will email you registration confirmation and Global Domain Control Panel login information so you can start managing your domain. (Please note that Global Domain Control Panel and its features are not available if you order only "Registration and Free Parking" service for the domain. Please visit our pricing page for more information).

Newly registered domains become functional worldwide within 24-72 hours. This delay is due to the propagation of registry updates, and depends on how frequently various DNS servers around the world check and accommodate registry updates for new domains. Also, most registries take upto 24-72 hours to include newly registered domains in its "whois" database.

Once your domain becomes functional, future changes in URL forwarding and email forwarding settings made with Global Domain Control Panel will be automatically updated by our servers in real time. Changes in URL forwarding will be effective in a matter of seconds, and email forwarding updates will be effective in less than 5 minutes.

If you still have questions, then please visit our frequently asked questions page, or contact us at sales@globalfront.com.

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