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Move an Existing Domain

Domain move is officially known as domain modification, and involves a change in the nameserver names and ip addresses for the domain. Domain move does NOT involve any change in the ownership, registrant or registrar of the domain.

To move an existing domain to use our DNS and forwarding services, please take the following steps:

Step 1: Use domain lookup to check eligibility before you start:

  • The domain you are trying to move must have been already registered with any appropriate registry, and the payment status for the domain must have been current.
  • You must be the Registrant or Admin Contact of the domain or must be authorized by the Registrant or Admin Contact of the domain to request a domain move. Most registries require that domain modification request must be initiated and/or approved by the Registrant or Admin Contact for the domain. To instantly check the registrant and contact information for your domain, please visit our domain lookup page, enter your domain name, and click on "Check Domain" button. Once our lookup script reports the domain as "not available" for registration, click on the "More Information" button and the script will automatically locate and display the Registrant and Contact information for your domain from your registry's database! Our proprietary domain lookup system works fine for all .com, .net and .org domains, provided your registrar shares this information with a whois server.

Step 2: You can select from our ED1 or ED2 services for existing domains. Please fill out our domain services order form and click the submit button.

Step 3: You will be directed to payment options page where you can make payments with major credit cards or checks drawn on US banks. We offer a 100 percent satisfaction and 30-day money-back guarantee on all existing domain service fees.

Step 4: Orders paid with credit cards online are processed within 0 to 6 hours. Orders paid by checks are processed after the check is cleared. Once we configure the DNS for the domain in our servers and setup Global Domain Control Panel for your domain, we will email you Global Domain Control Panel login information for your domain.

Step 5: After you receive login information from us, you can log into your account with your browser to verify, setup or update the URL and email forwarding or pointing options. Global Domain Control Panel is very user-friendly, and you do not need any programming skill to setup, manage or update your domain settings.

Step 6: The current Registrant, Admin or Technical contact for your domain would need to update your domain with your domain's registrar so that your domain starts to use our nameservers and ip addresses. Please update your domain's current nameservers with the following new nameserver information:

IP Addresses

Nameservers are also known as DNS servers or domain name servers. The nameserver update process may vary depending on the Registrar of your domain. Some registrars offer email method to allow update requests while others require that you log into your registrar's control panel to update the nameservers. Also, some registrars require that you enter both nameservers and IP addresses while others would only require you to enter the nameserver names and resolve the IP addresses automatically. If you are not sure, then please feel free to ask us or contact your registrar. After you update the nameservers for your domain with your registrar, initially it takes upto 24-48 hours for the domain to start using our DNS servers. This initial delay is due to the propagation of registry updates, and depends on how frequently various DNS servers in the internet check for the updated settings for your domain.

Once your domain starts to use our DNS servers, future changes in URL forwarding and email forwarding settings made with Global Domain Control Panel will be automatically updated by our servers in real time. Changes in URL forwarding will be effective in a matter of seconds, and email forwarding updates will be effective in less than 5 minutes.

If you still have any futher questions, then please visit our frequently asked questions page, or contact us at sales@globalfront.com.

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