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If you are looking for reselling web hosting and domain name services under your private brand or label, then we suggest you check out our reseller program. The following is a list of benefits you enjoy when you join GlobalFront reseller program:
  • You qualify to join our reseller program when you buy any of our Value, Econo, EBusiness, or Reseller accounts from us. There is no additional fee to join our reseller program.
  • You can set your own prices and directly bill your clients for all resold accounts. We will bill you for all of your and your resold accounts.
  • You provide technical supports to your clients while we support you. We do not contact your clients unless you would like us to contact them or unless your client contacts us directly.
  • You can use our anonymous nameservers that we provide for your and all of your clients' domains for free. If you would need your own virtual nameservers ( and, then we also offer that for just $10.00/month fee. Please visit our virtual nameserver page for details.
  • You will have access to password-protected comprehensive online manuals and control panels for your and all of your client accounts. If you would like to let your clients use the manuals, then you may copy and customize our manual pages and post the customized version in your site for your clients.
  • As a reseller, you can buy and resell any of our Value virtual hosting accounts for the following great prices. These are real virtually hosted domain accounts with their own FTP and POP3/IMAP access, Global Web Control Panel, and many other popular features.
Reseller Pricing for Value Virtual Hosting Accounts
Virtual Hosting
Disk Space Monthly
Hosting Fee
Setup Fee
Value D 400 MB $5.00/month Free
Value C 600 MB $6.00/month Free
Value B 800 MB $7.50/month Free
Value A 1000 MB $9.00/month Free
  • Use our domain and email forwarding service for any subdirectory site in your master account for only $14.95 per year fee. This will, for example, forward and to and sites, respectively.
  • Buy and resell Economy 500 MB virtual servers for only $15.00 per month (normally $25.00 per month) with a one-time setup fee of $20.00 per economy virtual server. Please see the economy virtual server features at the bottom of this page.
  • Access our password-protected reseller resources site and reseller order forms to order accounts at the special prices mentioned above. Also, the reseller order forms allow you to authorize charges for all accounts and services to the same credit card that you have in our file, without requiring you to re-enter the same information for every new account that you purchase.

We believe that our reseller plans offer the good income opportunity for you, if you are looking for making some money by reselling virtual hosting or virtual server accounts. Please check out our Reseller Plan for more details on reseller opportunities offered by us.

Reseller and Economy Virtual Server Features

The following is a list of features that comes with our reseller virtual servers and resold economy virtual servers:

Features and Pricing of
Reseller and Resold Economy Virtual Servers
Features Master
Server Yes Yes
New Domain Registration $14.95/Year $14.95/Year
Use Your Existing Domain Free Free
One Time Setup-Fee $35.00 $35.00
Account Fee per Month $44.95 $25.00
Minimum Contract Length 1 Month 1 Month
Reseller, Referrer and Fundraiser Plans Yes N/A
30 Day Money-Back Guarantee Yes Yes
Web Design Services (Optional) Extra Fee Extra Fee
Super Fast SSD Storage 1000 MB 500 MB
Generous Traffic per Month 20 GB 4 GB
Web Control Panel Free Free
Unlimited Usage (Hits) Yes Yes
Unlimited FTP Access Free Free
Multiple FTP Accounts 20 10
Multiple POP3 Email Accounts 20 10
Email Aliases and Forwarding 100 50
Autoresponders 100 50
Web-based Mailing Lists Free Free
Subscribable Listserver Free Free
Password Protected Web Directories Unlimited Unlimited
Secure Server Free Free
Graphic Traffic Statistics Free Free
CGI-bin Free Free
MySQL Databases Yes Yes
PERL, Java and PHP Yes Yes
Anonymous Nameservers Free Free
Personalized Virtual Nameservers
( and
$10.00/Month $10.00/Month
Domain Forwarding for Subdirectories Extra Fee Extra Fee
Online Commerce Solutions Yes Yes
Online Support Manual Free Free
Tech Support Email/Phone Email


Order Information

To sign up as a reseller, please review our Reseller Program information and just fill-out your first order for a Value, EBusiness, Business or Reseller account using our online order form and then sign-up as a reseller. When we process your order, we will assign you a unique Reseller ID, and give you access to a password protected reseller area which you can use to place subsequent orders for resold domains. For every subsequent order, simply use our reseller order forms in the reseller area of our site, and you will be charged the discounted prices.


Reseller Virtual Server Feature Explanation

Your Own Domain Name (

We configure the DNS entries for your and your client domain names and host names ( and in our servers when we setup your or your client accounts.

If you already have a domain name, you would need to modify your domain with the appropriate registry with our nameserver and IP address information for moving your domain to our servers. If you are not sure how to modify your domain, please contact us and we will provide the necessary information. Most registries do not charge anything for domain modification, but requires that only the Registrant or Admin Contact for a domain initiates or approves domain modification. You can verify Registrant or Admin Contact for your domain by using our Domain Lookup tool. Domain move does NOT involve any change in domain ownership or domain registrar.

If you order a new domain name, then we register your domain name with your or your client's ownership with an appropriate registry and charge you only $14.95 fee (one-year InterNIC or registry fee included!). This fee is non-refundable, requires pre-payment and is in addition to any hosting and setup fee. If you would like to register the domain yourself or if you order any foreign domain name, then we will provide our nameservers and IP addresses so you can register your or your client domains.

Generous Traffic

GlobalFront reseller virtual servers allow you to have generous 20 GB of traffic per month for your site, provided you do not resell space within your domain. However, you are free to resell space even within your domain as long as that does not violate our policies, and in that case you will be billed additional data transfer traffic when you exceed 8 GB of traffic per month.

Super Fast SSD Storage

SSDs (Solid State Drives) are new generation of disks that use flash memory and are about 12 to 24 times faster than most traditional HDDs (Hard Disk Drives).  Compared to many other hosting providers, we use premium SSD storage for your website, which means your website would load much faster.

Unlimited FTP Access and Multiple FTP Accounts

The reseller account gets you unlimited FTP access to your virtual server, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Also, you could create up to 20 FTP accounts for your users or for your customers to allow upload of contents to your account.

Multiple POP3 Email Accounts

The reseller virtual server account comes with up to 20 POP3 mail accounts. The POP3 accounts can be accessed from anywhere in the world using popular email clients like Outlook Express, Netscape Communicator, Eudora, etc. Also, each POP3 account can be configured to be the destination of multiple email aliases with the control panel that comes with your virtual server account.

Email Aliases and Forwarding

GlobalFront reseller virtual servers offer you the flexibility to set up your own email aliases with the user-friendly interface of the Global Web Control Panel. Email aliases, for example, would allow you to have all mails sent to be automatically forwarded to or any other internal or external real email addresses. Receiving your mail in your preferred email address helps you collect emails for multiple accounts from a single or fewer POP3 email account(s). At the same time, aliasing allows your company to present a more professional impression for your business as you can use and advertise multiple email addresses (like,,,,, and so on). 

GlobalFront Email Redirection Features


Auto-responders or infobots present a handy and efficient way to deliver information regarding your business or organization through instantaneous automated response to your client's emails. Our system also allows you to automatically keep track of the people who have used your auto-responders, as copies of their request mails can be forwarded to your account.

Web-Based Mailing Lists

You will be able to use our proprietary Global Web Control Panel to manage your mailing list(s) and subscribers. As the list administrator, you will be able to add or remove subscribers from your list(s), view or download a copy of the list, get a count for the total number of subscribers in the list, lookup any specific address in a list, and send an instant message to all the subscribers from a password protected web page. Each mailing list can include up to 1000 email addresses, and each email message to a mailing list can be up to 75k. While spamming or sending unsolicited emails to anyone is against GlobalFront's policies, the mailing lists can be used by you to contact your customers that have specifically requested for receiving messages from you.

Subscribable Listservers

A listserver allows you to send email messages to multiple people who have subscribed to a discussion forum for sharing information about a field of common interest. You can have multiple subscribable listservers in your reseller virtual server. Each listserver can include up to 1000 names, and each email message to a listserver can be up to 75kb in size. Using the listserver, you can send a monthly newsletter to all your customers by sending a single mail to the listserver. Integrating the listserver with infobots, you can also allow your customers or clients to be automatically included in the listserver when they send an email message to a subscription address configured by you.

Secure Server Access

Secure servers allow encrypted transport of information over the web. This feature is considered very significant for certain data transfer needs including for credit card transactions and confidential communications. The Reseller virtual server server account would allow you to use SSL in your account.  (Please note that if you would need to use SSL for with your own IP address, then you would also need to buy an SSL certificate from a known provider, and get it configured for your account with additional fees).

Password Protected Web Directories

You will be able to use Global Web Control Panel (GWCP) that we install in your account to instantly password protect any of your web directories. This will require visitors to the protected part of your website to enter username and password before they can view the contents in that directory. The GWCP also allows you to list the authorized users in each directory, add single to unlimited users and passwords for any web directory, remove access for selective users, and completely unprotect a previously protected directory, all with your browsers instantly without requiring any programming knowledge.

Detailed Traffic Statistics

We offer you access to detailed traffic statistics for your website with an easy-to-understand graphic interface. This is greatly useful for businesses that would like to relate their marketing strategies and advertising campaigns with increases (or decreases) in incoming traffic to their web sites.

Customizable "File Not Found" Page

The reseller virtual server is already configured so that you can make a custom-made page named missing.html in your www root directory. Whenever visitors in your site enter a bad URL, they will see this page. You can easily customize this page so that it has a link to the correct URL of your homepage, index page, or any other page in your website. That way you won't miss any visitor to your site, even though they forgot the correct URL, but simply remembered your domain name!

CGI Access

Reseller virtual server and resold economy server accounts include their own cgi-bin, so you or your customers would be able to install and execute your own CGI applications in your website. Our servers support also Server Side Includes (SSI), in case you wish to use any cgi feature that requires SSI.

MySQL Databases

Your virtual server is granted MySQL database access privileges. This feature is invaluable to larger organizations or corporations as it allows for installations of various online database features such as online inventory systems, shopping cart, forum, WordPress or other blogging software, etc.

PERL, Java, and PHP Supported

The reseller virtual server supports PERL, Java (scripts and applets) and PHP. Using these, you can develop highly interactive website applications that can be integrated with with databases and support dynamically generated html pages.

Anonymous Nameservers

As a reseller, you are allowed to use our anonymous nameservers to host your clients' domains. Unlike our regular nameservers, the anonymous nameservers use domains for which we decided to keep a one page almost empty site without any reference to GlobalFront. There is an email link with anonymous domain on this page for abuse reports. Additionally, we use anonymous server names to host your domains, so that your clients cannot find GlobalFront from ftp login or email headers.

Personalized Virtual Nameservers

Personalized virtual nameservers ( and allow you to register your domain name with any appropriate registrar using your own nameserver addresses. Once you have virtual nameservers for your account, you can use the same nameservers for all of your resold domains without any additional costs (Reseller prices for the hosting or domain forwarding accounts will still apply). Please visit our virtual nameserver page for details.

Online Commerce Solutions (Optional)

Your virtual server can be configured for ecommerce functionalities with online payment processing gateways, such as PayPal, LinkPoint, etc. These are third party services that can process your customers' credit cards, charge cards and checks online, and deposit money to your merchant account. In most instances, the party you sign-up with will provide you with the details of configuration instructions that you can implement in your website.

Our Money-Back Guarantee

Your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. We are so confident about the reliability and performance of our servers that we offer 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee to each of our customers. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your account and would like to cancel your account, simply let us know within 30 days of opening your account by emailing us at For your security, we require that any cancellation request must contain your domain name, account username and password.  For cancellation within 30-days of your order, we will refund you any hosting and domain forwarding fee received by us for the order within 7 business days following cancellation of your account, unless the account was used in violation of GlobalFront's service policies.  Also we would always like you to be 100% satisfied with your account. If you have any question or concern about your account, then please let us know at

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