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Domain Services Reseller (DSR)
Program Sign-up Form

There is no fee to join our Domain Services Reseller (DSR) program. To sign-up, please fill out the following form, review the terms and conditions at the bottom of the form, and click the "Join Now!" button. After you join our program, for all of your domain service orders we will contact you rather than your clients subject to the DSR Program Terms and Conditions specified at the bottom of this page. Thank you for your interest in joining GlobalFront DSR program.


Domain Services Reseller Sign-Up Form
Unless marked optional, information for all fields are required.

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DSR Program Terms and Conditions

  • I agree to keep a current contact address including a valid email address in GlobalFront's record for as long as I continue my participation in GlobalFront's DSR program.

  • I understand that I would need to contact my clients to notify them regarding registration and renewal of their domains. I understand that I would need to pay GlobalFront for all domains for which I order services from GlobalFront, irrespective of whether my clients or I own the domain(s). I agree to bill my clients and collect payments from my clients.

  • I agree to provide technical support to my clients for whom I purchase domain services from GlobalFront. I understand that GlobalFront will provide technical support to me.

  • I understand that GlobalFront will not contact my clients UNLESS one or more of the following situations arise: (a) I use my client's credit card instead of my credit card for payment to GlobalFront services; (b) my payment information in GlobalFront's file becomes outdated or appears to be inaccurate; (c) my email address becomes invalid or GlobalFront's messages to my email address bounces repeatedly; (d) I request GlobalFront to contact my clients; (e) my client contacts GlobalFront directly; (f) dispute resolution, compliance with court order, or other legal procedures including law enforcement makes it necessary for GlobalFront to contact my clients.

  • I agree to manage my client domains using Global Domain Control Panel. I agree not to order, setup, modify or update any domain service parameters including URL, IP, emails, meta tags or DNS for any domain without authorization of the Registrant or Admin contact for the domain. I agree to indemnify GlobalFront from any claim arising out of my or my clients' use (or abuse) of GlobalFront's domain services for any domain for which I order services from GlobalFront.

  • I understand that use of GlobalFront's domain forwarding services for any existing domain would require modification of the domain with GlobalFront's nameservers and ip addresses. I understand that GlobalFront may provide me with relevant information for modification of my client domains. I agree to help my client(s) with domain modification if I order services for any existing domain for my clients. Most registries require that only the current Registrant, Admin or Technical contact for a domain modifies the domain. For new domains that I order through GlobalFront, GlobalFront will use its nameservers and ip addresses during domain registration, so nameserver update or domain modification is not necessary.

  • I agree that GlobalFront at its sole discretion, with or without reasons, reserves the right to modify its DSR program at any time, to cancel its DSR program or to cancel my participation as a reseller with advance notification. Modifications or cancellations will either be emailed to my email address in GlobalFront's record or will be posted in GlobalFront's website.

By selecting "I Agree" below and clicking the "Join-Now!" button, I confirm that I have read, understood, and agree to abide by all of the terms and conditions specified above. I further confirm that I have read, understood, and agree to abide by GlobalFront policies which applies to all services provided by GlobalFront.

Please make sure to verify that you entered your email address correctly. Submission of incomplete or inaccurate information may invalidate your participation in GlobalFront DSR program. None of your personal information will be shared, rented or sold to any third party. Exceptions to this will only apply if you violate our policies or any US state or federal law(s), where we may be required to disclose information about you for investigation related to violation of our policies, or upon demanded by any law enforcement authority or court order.

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