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Domain Registration FAQs


Can I register any domain that I like?

Domain names are available for registration on a first-requested, first-served basis. You can only register those domains that have not yet been registered by any other individual or entity. Additionally, if a name is closely related to any existing company name or trademark name, and you register the domain for none of your business, you do have a chance to face a domain name dispute at some future date.

What if I have a business, and somebody else already registered that domain name?

You may directly negotiate with the current registrant of the domain to find out if they are willing to give up the domain or sale the domain to you. If they are unwilling to give up the name, and you believe that they are infringing your registered trademark or copyright for your business name, then you may file a domain name dispute with ICANN and seek legal help by contacting your attorney. To avoid the trouble of legal battle, most large corporations are now registering all variants of their company name as domain names. We recommend that you register the .com, .net, and .org domains for your company name, and also register both hyphenated and non-hyphenated versions of the domains for maximum protection of your business name from third party registration.

If I register multiple domain names, does it mean that I have to pay for hosting separate sites for each of the domains?

No. You only need DNS service to register and hold a domain name. DNS service is much cheaper than web hosting service. You can register unlimited domain names and point or forward the domains to your existing site or to any subdirectory of your existing site using our DNS and Global Web Control Panel services. Even if you currently do not have any website, you can use our service to park the domain with a generic page with your contact address on it in our server. In future, when you develop website(s) for your domains and decide to host the sites with any web hosting company, you can point or forward your domains to those sites, or move the domain to the new hosting company's DNS server by changing the nameserver names and ip addresses for your domain name record.

How do I know if a domain I like to register is available for registration?

Our domain name lookup utility queries InterNIC database to find out if the domain was already registered by any third party. If the domain was not already registered by any third party, then our domain name lookup utility will report the domain as "available for registration". Please note that since there is a lag of upto 48-72 hours between the time a new domain is registered and InterNIC updates its whois database, it is possible that a domain name was already registered by another party within the last 72 hours but the domain is still reported as "available for registration" by the domain lookup utility. For the same reason, once you register a new domain through us or with any other ISP, the domain lookup utility may report it to be available for upto 24-72 hours after the registration.

How do I verify the registrant and contact information for my domain?

To instantly check the registrant and contact information for your domain, please visit our Domain Lookup Page, enter your domain name, and click on "Check Domain" button. Once our lookup script reports the domain as "not available" for registration, click on the "More Information" button and the script will automatically locate and display the Registrant and Contact information for your domain from your registry's database! Our proprietary domain lookup script works fine for all .com, .net and .org domains, no matter where you registered your domain.

Would my domain be registered with a ICANN accredited registrar?

Yes. GlobalFront is an affiliate of ICANN accredited domain registrars. If you register a domain name through us, then the domain will be registered with an ICANN accredited domain registrar and will be added to InterNIC database. This is the same database that all registrars of .com, .net, and .org domains access and update under the "shared registry systems" developed by Network Solutions, Inc. and mandated by ICANN.

How do I order/register a new domain name?

Ordering a new domain name is easy. Simply follow the easy steps specified in our Get Domain page to order/register a new domain name.

Who owns the domain name?

For all domains that you register through us, YOU own the domain name. According to InterNIC policies, the Registrant of the domain will hold the ultimate rights on the domain as long as the domain registry fee is paid on time. Depending on whether you or your company should be the owner of the name, please make sure to enter either your name or your company name in the "Registrant" field when you fill-out the domain service order form in our website. (Warning: Some other domain service providers register the domain you order with their company name as the registrant, which legally makes you an user instead of the owner of the domain. Before ordering a new domain name from any domain service provider, it is a good idea to make sure that You will be the Registrant for the domain).

Can I modify the contact information for the domain?

Yes. If you registered your domain through GlobalFront, then please fill out the appropriate form to have the contact information for your domain modified in the registry record. If you registered your domain through another provider, then please contact your registrar to modify the contact information for your domain.

I just registered a domain through GlobalFront, but if I enter my domain name in browser address field, nothing comes up. What is happening?

Once a domain is registered, it takes upto 24-72 hours for the domain to be functional worldwide. This is the standard delay for propagation of changes made at the central registry database. If you used GlobalFront's nameserver information while placing the registration order at our site, then we did setup parking for the domain along with domain registration. You should be able to see an under-construction page for your domain once the propagation is over. If you used nameserver information provided by any other ISP or webhost in the registration order form in our website, then you must notify your ISP or webhost (and pay them directly) to have the DNS, parking, forwarding, hosting and/or email service(s) setup for your domain.

I used nameservers from another ISP or webhost in my domain registration order at GlobalFront site. However, now I decided to use GlobalFront's free parking service. How do I go for that?

You would need to update nameservers for the domain to GlobalFront's nameservers. To do this, please log into Global Domain Control Panel, click on "Nameservers" button, select "Edit/Update Nameservers" option, and enter ns.global-front.net and ns2.global-front.net. After this change is propagated to all ISPs, a parking page with an under-construction message will be visible when visitors enter your domain name in web browsers.

I originally ordered "Registration and Parking Services" at GlobalFront site. Now I would like to use URL and email forwarding services from GlobalFront. How can I do that?

Please place an order to upgrade services for the domain from ND3 to ND1. Please visit our prices page for more information on these packages. Once we process your order, you will be able to use all of the forwarding services for your domain through Global Domain Control Panel.

Do you offer web hosting services?

Yes. We currently offer 15+ web hosting and virtual server packages for you to choose from. Please visit our web hosting service pages for more information on features and pricing.

My domain is already parked with GlobalFront's nameservers. How do I use GlobalFront's web hosting services?

Please order any of the virtual hosting or virtual server accounts at GlobalFront site. Your domain will be configured for the hosting account type you specify in our order form. After your order is processed, you will receive login information for your hosting account and will also get access to many additional features through Global Web Control Panel.

Can I move my domain to another ISP or web host?

Yes. You can move your domain to any ISP or web host. This move is officially known as domain modification, and it involves a change in the nameservers for your domain with nameservers from the ISP or web host you are moving your domain to. To do this, please log into Global Domain Control Panel, click on "Nameservers" button, select "Edit/Update Nameservers" option, and enter nameservers provided by the ISP or web host you are moving your domain to. Please note that domain modification with nameservers from other ISP or web host will deactivate our DNS, forwarding or hosting services, and the new ISP or web host will be responsible for resolution of your domain name. Our domain registration service will still continue as long as you renew your domain by paying the domain registry fee to GlobalFront before the registration renewal due date.

Will I be notified for renewal before the domain expires?

If your domain was registered through us, then we will notify you by email for renewal before the domain expires. We recommend that you always keep a valid email address in our file so we can notify you before the renewal date. Also, you would also need to make sure that your email filter does not block or delete emails from sales@globalfront.com. Please consult with your ISP or email provider to check if they use any email filter. We won't be responsible for expiration of your domain due to non-renewal on time by you.

How much would you charge for renewal of the domain registration?

Registration renewal fee per year would most likely be the same as the registration fee per year. Since our inception in May 1998, we never increased price for any of our services, and we plan not to increase it. With increased automation, we have continuously reduced prices for all of our services in the last 6 years. However, we reserve the right to change prices for any of our services at any time, since price is based on a variety of factors including our cost, ICANN policies, and any governmental or internet regulations, that may change. If our registration price is changed in future, the new price will be posted in our website.

Can I cancel a domain after it has been registered?

Yes, you can deactivate services for a domain by contacting us. We would need appropriate authentication information from you or the owner before a domain name is deactivated. Domain deactivation cannot be undone without re-payment of appropriate service fee.

Can I get a refund of registration fee if I cancel the registration?

No. Domain registration fee is non-refundable, even if you cancel your registration before the end of the term.

What options would I have if I am not completely satisfied with GlobalFront's domain registration services after registration of my domain?

While we strongly believe that you will be completely satisfied with GlobalFront's domain registration services, if for any reason you are not 100 percent satisfied with our services, you will have the right to transfer registration of the domain to any other ICANN accredited registrar and renew it with the new registrar by directly paying the transfer and the renewal fees charged by the new registrar. Please note that ICANN policies require that your domain must be registered with a registrar for at least 60 days before you can transfer the domain to another registrar.

What is "registrar lock"? Is there any fee to lock or unlock my domain?

Registrar lock is a safety measure to protect your domain from malicious third parties that might attempt to transfer registrar or ownership of your domain without your approval. By default all domains registered through GlobalFront after March, 2002 have been locked to prevent malicious domain hijacking. While most registrars charge you additional fee for "registrar lock" service for your domain, we offer this for free for any domain registered after March, 2002. Also, we do not charge any fee to "unlock" your domain.

How can I unlock my domain?

If your domain was registered through GlobalFront after March, 2002 and you would like to transfer registration for the domain to another registrar, then you would need to contact us and ask us to "unlock" the domain. For verification and authentication purposes, you would need to provide us with your current password, or the last 4 digits of credit card number (or the last 4 digits of checking account number) that you used to order or renew services for the domain with GlobalFront.

I originally purchased registration, DNS and forwarding service for my domain. But I am currently hosting the domain [with GlobalFront or with any other company]. Can I renew only the registration service and not the DNS or forwarding?

Yes. When you receive a renewal invoice from us, you can simply pay for the registration renewal fee (ND3 Service Fee) and mention in the "comments" field of our online payment form that the payment is for renewal of the registration services and that you would no longer need the DNS or forwarding services.

I originally registered my domain through another registrar. How do I transfer registrar for my domain?

You won't need to transfer registrar to use our DNS, forwarding, pointing, email or hosting services. However, if you wish to transfer registrar for your domain, then please visit our registrar transfer page for details.

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