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How do I sign up as a reseller for your domain services?

Simply fill-out our Domain Services Reseller (DSR) program sign-up form, and you can join us as a reseller immediately. Signing-up or participation in GlobalFront's DSR program is free, provided you manage your or your clients' domains using our Global Domain Control Panel and DNS services.

Would my client receive any confirmation email once the domain is registered?

Please use your email address in the "Email (for order confirmation)" field in our domain service order form and use your payment information in our online payment form. You can still provide your client information in the registrant and/or admin contact fields. If you use YOUR email address in order confirmation field and YOUR payment information in our payment form, then we will only contact YOU with a confirmation email once your order is processed. You would need to contact your client directly. We will NOT contact your client unless we face one of the exceptional situations specified in the terms and conditions of our Domain Services Reseller (DSR) program.

Would my client receive any confirmation email once I update URL forwarding or email forwarding services for my client's domain using Global Domain Control Panel?

No. All confirmation messages for domain feature updates with Global Domain Control Panel appear on your browser when you manage or update the features for the domain.

Would there be any ad on the forwarded URL or emails?

No. There is absolutely NO advertisement, pop-up window, banner, bar, button, link or reference to our site if you buy our forwarding (ND1, ND2, ED1 or ED2) services. Web forwarding will only display your target website. Unlike some other providers, we do NOT even include any hidden reference to our site in the html code for the pages. Also, our email forwarding service does NOT add any ad tagged to the forwarded emails. (Exception: Please be advised that if you buy our "ND3: Registration and Free Parking" service, then a link to our site will appear on the parked page).

I want to use another registry to register my client domains, but still use your domain forwarding and Global Domain Control Panel services. Would that be possible?

Yes. Please use our domain services order form to place an order for domain service. For domain type field, select "I will register the domain with your DNS". We will setup DNS and Global Domain Control Panel login for the domain in our server, and provide you with the nameserver and ip addresses. You can then register the domain with your preferred registry using our nameserver information.

I am a web designer currently hosting my site and client sites with another hosting company? Can I use your domain forwarding service for my site or my client sites?

Yes. Even though we have great pricing and excellent hosting services, we do NOT require you to host your website with us. As long as your or your client's domain name record uses our nameservers and IP addresses, you can use our DNS and forwarding service irrespective of the host or ISP you use to host your website.

I am moving an existing domain. Would it be possible to specify the URL and email forwarding settings in your server before I update nameservers for my domain in the registry database?

Yes. As soon as we process your order and send you Global Domain Control Panel login information, you will be able to login and modify the URL, email and/or DNS settings for your domain in our server before you actually modify the nameservers for the domain with your registry. The URL, email and/or DNS settings for your domain in our server will be reflected in the net AFTER you modify your domain with your registry and this modification is propagated across the net which takes 24-72 hours depending on the registrar you are using.

What DNS information will be used to register my domain or my client domains?

Since we use multiple DNS servers, it may vary depending on what service you are ordering. For domain forwarding services, by default our DNS servers use the following nameserver names and IP addresses. However, we also offer private-branded virtual nameservers for a nominal fee (please read the next FAQ regarding this). Additionally, we offer semi-anonymous nameservers for FREE for all resellers. Please contact sales@globalfront.com for more information on this.

IP Addresses

Can I have virtual nameservers and IP addresses that I could use to register my client domains?

Yes. If you would like to get ns.yourdomain.com and ns2.yourdomain.com nameservers with two dedicated ip addresses, we can set up and host these for $10.00 per month. You will then be able to use these nameservers to register or modify all of your client domains that you register or forward through us. The registration or forwarding fees will still apply at our standard posted rate. Please visit our virtual nameserver information page for details.

What are the requirements for getting my own nameservers?

You must be the owner of yourdomain.com and the domain has to be configured in our server. Once the nameserver and ip addresses are setup in our server, the nameserver names (ns.yourdomain.com and ns2.yourdomain.com) and ip addresses for the nameservers would need to be registered with InterNIC. If your domain was registered through us, then we will provide you relevant information on how to register nameservers for the domain, or will register the nameserver on your behalf. If yourdomain.com was registered through another registry, then you would need to contact your registry to find out how you can register nameserver for the domain. We may also help you regarding this provided your registry maintains this information in any public site. Please allow at least 48-72 hours for propagation of the nameserver names across the internet before you plan to use them for registration of any client domain names. Also, you would need to make sure that the IP addresses are used for active registered domains within 30 days.

What would show-up in the reverse lookup for my virtual nameserver ip addresses?

The reverse lookup will show ns.yourdomain.com and ns2.yourdomain.com, where yourdomain.com is your domain name.

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